Art's Not Dead Exhibition

Curated By Lisa Johnson

Welcome to the creative world of the art zone. This one day only pop-up gallery will feature original art inspired by the punk scene and those who are in it, including never-before-seen works and artifacts from the hardcore and punk scenes. This year Art's Not Dead celebrates the early days of the scene in photographs, flyers and artworks.

Art's Not Dead Artists

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  • Chris Shary

    Chris Shary

    sharpie sketches

    For artist Chris Shary, the Sharpie pen is his preferred method of illustration. He began as a teen designing punk tees for himself before transitioning into legitimate commission from bands like The Stupids, Hard-Ons, Libido Boys, and eventually Chemical People, Big Drill Car and ALL. In 2011, Chris’ idea for Descendents fake ugly Christmas sweater kicked off a genuine craze. His Sharpie sketches have graced the cover of records as well as the movie poster for Descendents’ FILMAGE documentary.

  • Lisa Johnson

    Lisa Johnson


    Particularly known for documenting the Vans Warped Tour since its inception in 1995, Lisa’s images have been appeared at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and are on permanent display at the Slidebar in Fullerton, California. She has also captured iconic images of bands as varied as Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, The Offspring, Smashing Pumpkins and NOFX. She is also the curator of the Art’s Not Dead exhibit.

  • Greg Jacobs

    Greg Jacobs


    Greg Jacobs - Rock Manager turned Rock Photographer. Greg started his career in rock n roll managing Rocket From The Crypt, Big Drill Car & Supernova. Since high school Greg has had a love of photograph. Once the thrill of babysitting musicians faded he picked up the camera, because it’s llegal to pick up a gun, and started shoot them. With his trusted camera skills he has shot the likes of Iggy & The Stooges, Foo Fighters, The Replacements, Bad Religion, Desendents, X and OFF! Greg Jacobs is appearing as a member of Steal Music Buy Art.

  • Scott Parker

    Scott Parker


    Scott Parker - Founder of the art collective, STEAL MUSIC BUY ART and creator/host of the widely overlooked web-based series, Death Or Glory. Scott Parker’s work appears with Steal Music Buy Art.

  • KRK Dominguez

    KRK Dominguez


    KRK Dominguez is a Long Beach native who has been documenting underground music for over 30 years. Heavily influenced by the periodicals of the day: Slash, LA Weekly, Cream, Bomp, NOMAG & fLIPSIDE, Mr. Dominguez picked up the camera early on in High School.

  • Jennifer Precious Finch

    Jennifer Precious Finch


    At the age of 13, Jennifer Finch began to take photos of her friends in Los Angeles on a camera given to her by her father. These pictures eventually documented the early punk scene that she became involved in before she joined the all-female punk rock group L7 in 1986. Her early works prompted the LA Weekly sponsored art show in 2006. The collection, entitled "14 and Shooting" is a visceral look into the late 70’s and early 80’s LA Punk Scene and features photographs of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bad Religion, Courtney Love, Henry Rollins and more, as well as a generally dark perspective of troubled youth in Southern California through the raw and authentic camera lens of then fourteen-year-old. Come check out Jennifer’s amazing vintage works in the big red circus tent for Art’s Not Dead.

  • Barbie Brady

    Barbie Brady


    Barbie Brady is a talented multi-media artist with a keen sense of humor. Reoccurring elements seen in her work are often bunnies, cocktails, ephemera, words, texture and repetitive processes such as handmade felt flowers or hand cut yarn. One might say that the bunny is her spirit animal.

  • Rob Wallace

    Rob Wallace


    A dedicated Vegan Straight-Edge Hardcore kid, Rob Wallace was born and raised in Southern California. His love of skateboarding, music and art found Rob thrust into the local music scene, designing t-shirts for one of his favorite bands Death by Stereo. In 2010, he picked up a camera and hasn’t looked back. He cut his chops photographing his favorite bands at Chain Reaction in Anaheim. Currently, he is the Art Director for Mike V’s skate brand, Street Plant. And recently toured the world with Dillinger Escape Plan as their tour photographer. In 2017, Rob published his first photography book, Break Free: The Photography of Rob Wallace. The first pressing sold out in 3 weeks. For It’s Not Dead 2, Rob will be exhibiting prints and signing copies the second pressing of his book Break Free.

  • Mark Beemer

    Mark Beemer


    For Christmas in 1977, Marks parents gave him “The Beatles Live At Hollywood Bowl” LP.  He loved that double record.  He played it endlessly, memorizing every note, every moment, and especially, every inch of the insert photographs.  Each record was sleeved in a full bleed image of a group of fans losing their collective minds for the four lads from Liverpool.  Mark wanted to know everything about those fans: the moments each photo was taken, the song they were hearing, and why the photographer chose them to canonize.  He knew then that he wanted to be part of the world which determined how moments were presented. Mark saw his first punk show on May 9th 1986: Marginal Man, Government Issue and the Slickee Boys ushered him into a world where the rules were different, the stakes were higher, and anyone could be anything.  Mark couldn’t get enough. In 1990, he started to bring my camera everywhere to document everything he saw.  Back then, punk shows were a perfect avenue for a young photographer to really learn everything: how to focus in near pitch-black conditions, change a roll of film while you are dripping with sweat, how to avoid the huge 300-pound skinhead stage diving and mostly, how to capture a moment in time which will tell the entire story. Mark’s photographs have been seen in albums by damnation AD, Bane, Ashes, Better Than A Thousand, Texas Is The Reason, Kid Dynamite, Thrice, Strike Anywhere, Hot Water Music and so many more. Mark will be exhibiting his works as part of the Still Screaming series at It’s Not Dead Fest 2.

  • Michael Dubin

    Michael Dubin


    Michael Dubin grew up in Long Island, New York, and later Baltimore, Maryland. He loves music and photography. Micheal’s photographs appear as part of the Still Screaming touring exhibition with the Art’s Not Dead exhibition which can be found in the big circus tent at It’s Not Dead Fest 2.

  • Nathaniel C. Shannon

    Nathaniel C. Shannon


    Nathaniel C. Shannon was raised on the mean streets of Ypsilanti, Michigan, where he cut his teeth photographing the various punk, hardcore, metal, and rap scenes of Detroit. Nathaniel’s work will be appearing at Art’s Not Dead as part of the traveling exhibition Still Screaming.

  • John Gilhooley

    John Gilhooley


    John Gilhooley began his photography journey in the late 1970s shooting skateboard contests. Growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, John’s subject matter has always been a reflection of his lifestyle. Today, he divides his time shooting for editorial and commercial clients. John has photographed over 100 OC Weekly covers, and countless live shows. When not shooting, he spends time surfing, skateboarding and playing guitar in the punk/ska band The Zero Class. John will be showing off some of his finer works in the Art’s Not Dead group show.

  • Joby Ford

    Joby Ford


    Joby J. Ford is a musician, producer, mixer and engineer from Los Angeles. He is a founding member of The Bronx and Mariachi El Bronx. Joby is also an accomplished and successful artist/art director. His works will appear with Steal Music Buy Art in the Art’s Not Dead exhibition.

  • Bad "Otis" Link

    Bad "Otis" Link


    Bad "Otis" Link appears as part of the Steal Music Buy Art artist collective

  • Tokyo Hiro

    Tokyo Hiro


    Tokyo Hiro appears as part of the Steal Music Buy Art artist collective.

  • Under The Big Black Sun

    Under The Big Black Sun

    Artwork including photographs and rare flyers from the Grammy nominated book Under The Big Black Sun by John Doe and Tom DeSavia.

  • Live At The Safari Club

    Live At The Safari Club

    Photographs and flyer from the DC HarDCore Scene culled from the pages of the new book Live at The Safari Club: A People’s History of HarDCore.

  • xXx Fanzine

    xXx Fanzine

    Artwork featured from the xXx Fanzine book including photographs, flyers and all 20 covers of the 1980s Boston ’zine.

  • Break Free

    Break Free

    Photographic works from Rob Wallace’s debut release Break Free.

  • Still Screaming

    Still Screaming

    Touring collection of Hardcore and Punk photographs from Mark Beemer, Michael Dubin and Nathaniel Shannon.

  • We Got Power

    We Got Power

    Hardcore Punk Scenes from 1980s Southern California as seen in the book We Got Power by David Markey and Jordan Schwartz

Punks Well Read

Welcome to the literary center of the festival. Our official bookseller Stories Books will be hosting special author appearances with readings and signings throughout the day. Check the schedule in the big circus tent.

Author Signings

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  • Jeff Alulis

    Jeff Alulis


    Jeff Alulis is a writer, filmmaker, and musician known for his documentaries about the Bouncing Souls, Youth Brigade, and NOFX, and his former position as lead singer for Dead Kennedys. He recently co-authored NOFX’s official autobiography, The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories, which hit #9 on the New York Times Bestsellers list. Jeff will be on hand to share excerpts from the book.

  • Rich Dolinger

    Rich Dolinger


    Shawna Kenney wrote the award-winning memoir I Was a Teenage Dominatrix (Last Gasp), which has earned a television development deal and international translation. Kenney and husband Rich Dolinger recently released Live at the Safari Club: a people’s history of harDCore 1988-1998 (RareBird), about the legendary club in the Washington DC area which she co-founded and booked for many years. Kenney and Dolinger reside in Los Angeles. Rich will be telling tales of The Safari Club and sharing the amazing journey it took to complete this amazing new book.

  • Jim Lindberg

    Jim Lindberg


    Jim Lindberg is a Punk Rock Dad. He is also the lead singer of Pennywise. Jim’s first book, Punk Rock Dad, explores the dichotomy of being a responsible husband and parent raising 3 daughters while fronting an anti-establishment punk rock band and includes a number of anecdotes relating to each role. Punk Rock Dad was the inspiration for the 2010 documentary The Other F Word which was an official selection of the South By Southwest film festival. Jim recently launched, a website about books and punk rock. He will be performing at It’s Not Dead 2 with his band Wraths. Following his performance, Jim returns to Punks Well Read for a signing under the big circus tent!

  • Jack Grisham

    Jack Grisham


    Jack Grisham (born on July 22nd, 1961) is an American rock musician, raconteur and political activist from Southern California. He is the vocalist for the punk band T.S.O.L. (True Sounds of Liberty), which emerged from the late 1970s Los Angeles hardcore punk rock scene. Jack will be unveiling a brand new book at It’s Not Dead, available at the special Jack Grisham booth in the Punk Swap.

  • Keith Morris

    Keith Morris


    Keith Morris is a cofounding member of Black Flag, the most recognizable name in West Coast punk, and the Circle Jerks, which cemented his reputation at the forefront of hardcore vocalists. He has recorded over fifteen albums, appeared on countless albums and compilations, and has a half-dozen film credits to his name. The intensity of the music produced by his latest bands OFF! and FLAG are equal to his best work from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, and add to a legendary career that is still being carved out one gig at a time.

  • Bob Oedy

    Bob Oedy


    Bob Oedy is an American punk rock musician, singer and songwriter. Bob plays guitar for The Grim and sings for Glue Gun. Bob has toured the U.S. in a van with no air-conditioning, played on GBH’s equipment at the Cathay de Grande and appeared on the TV show People’s Court when he sued his ex-girlfriend he met on tour. He saw the Dead Kennedy’s at the Whisky A-Go-Go, The Ramones at The Hollywood Palladium and drank with El Duce in Hollywood. His band, The Grim, played at Punk Rock Bowling in 2010, having won second place in the tournament in 2005. Bob is a proud parent and lives with his sixteen-year-old son in Los Angeles, California. He is also the founder of Canoga Park’s famed Punk Rock Swap Meet, a non-profit all-ages indoor event. The Grim will be playing It’s Not Dead 2 and Bob will be reading excerpts from his book The Punk Rock Las Vegas Survival Guide and telling tales of debauchery and naming names as part of the Punks Well Read experience.

  • Tom Desavia

    Tom Desavia


    Tom DeSavia is the co-author of Under the Big Black Sun: A Personal History of L.A. Punk with the legendary John Doe of the famed punk band X. The authors were 2017 Grammy Award nominees for Best Spoken Word Album for the audiobook version of the book. Prior to his career as an author, DeSavia was head of creative services for Songs Music Publishing, representing artists from Lorde to the estate of George Gershwin. He was a partner for the Los Angeles-based independent publishing company Notable Music, and SVP of Membership at ASCAP. Earlier in his career, DeSavia spent six years in the A&R department at Elektra Entertainment where he both signed and developed talent, working on projects with many iconic artists including the Old 97s, Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, and X. A native of Southern California, where he currently lives, Tom began his career as a music journalist for the trade magazine Cash Box, where he served as West Coast Editor. Tom and friends are looking forward to appearing at Punks Well Read and reading from Under The Big Black Sun: A Personal History of L.A. Punk.

  • Mike Gitter

    Mike Gitter

    It was in the burgeoning Boston hardcore scene of the early 80’s that Mike Gitter sniffed out his true sounds of sonic liberty. Inspired by local bands like SS Decontrol, and ‘zines like Forced Exposure and Flipside, xXx Fanzine was born in 1983 and lasted some six years and 20 issues. At the same time, Gitter became known as an independent promoter, booking mid-80’s heroes including Dag Nasty, Fugazi and The Descendents into venues around the Boston area. When xXx Fanzine released its final issue in 1988, Gitter focused on a career in music journalism as a contributing editor to Rip and Tower Records Pulse while also freelancing for the likes of Thrasher, Kerrang!, Spin and Rolling Stone. A move to New York City in 1989 eventually found him transition from scrappy journalist into the A&R departments of a myriad of record labels including Atlantic, Roadrunner, Century Media and Razor & Tie. Some of his more notable signings include Jawbox and Bad Religion for Atlantic, Killswitch Engage and Megadeth for Roadrunner, HIM and Chiodos for Razor & Tie, as well as The Shrine and Ignite at Century Media. He’s also worked in music merchandising and artist management. Mike currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. The completion of xXx Fanzine (1983-1989): Hardcore & Punk in the Eighties The Book is a labor of love for Mike Gitter and collaborator Chris Wrenn (of bridge 9 records). The book will make it’s major public debut at It’s Not Dead 2 with companion art show featuring rare images from the pages of the 280-page anthology. Mike will also be doing a very rare and special reading from the pages xXx Fanzine in the Punks Well Read zone.

  • Jordan Schwartz

    Jordan Schwartz


    As teenagers in 1981, David Markey and his best friend Jordan Schwartz founded We Got Power, a fanzine dedicated to the first-generation hardcore punk music community in their native Los Angeles. Their text and cameras captured the early punk spirit of Black Flag, the Minutemen, Social Distortion, Red Cross/Redd Kross, Suicidal Tendencies, the Descendents, White Flag, the Last, the Gun Club, Saccharine Trust, Big Boys, Youth Brigade, D.R.I., the Butthole Surfers, and many others at the height of their precocious punk powers. In the process, the duo’s amazing photographs also captured the dilapidated suburbs, abandoned storefronts, and dereliction of the early Reagan era—a rubble-strewn social apocalypse that demanded a youth uprising! Never before seen except in crude fanzine form, these detailed and richly narrative photos are now collected to present an intimate portrayal of a uniquely fertile creative moment. Jordan Schwartz will be sharing excerpts from We Got Power as part of the Punks Well Read, as well as a companion exhibition of photographs in the Art’s Well Read zone under the big circus tent.

  • Haley Rose

    Haley Rose


    Haley Rose is an accomplished renaissance woman. An independent singer/songwriter/poet/illustrator, Haley Rose will be reading her self-published book, The Weirdos at It’s Not Dead 2 under the big circus tent in the Punks Well Read section.

  • Suzi Moon of Turbulent Hearts

    Suzi Moon of Turbulent Hearts


    Suzi Moon is the front woman for the Los Angeles punk trio Turbulent Hearts. At the age of 16, Suzi started her musical career playing in the all-female Rock ’N’ Roll group Civet, releasing two albums on Tim Armstrong’s Hellcat Records. Turbulent Hearts just returned from a successful two week tour of the U.K., including a spot on the Pavilion Stage at the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool opening for legends The Casualties. Suzi will be treating fans to a special acoustic set at It’s Not Dead on the Punks Well Read stage.

  • ShiraGirl



    Fresh off the heels of performing her successful one-woman show Hot Dates at the Hollywood Fringe Festival (which won the Encore Producer’s Award!), ShiraGirl will be performing an acoustic version of her timely and politically charged song Resist. Shira is the founding namesake of the Shiragirl Stage on the Vans Warped Tour, which focused on showcasing female-fronted bands on the Vans Warped Tour. The stage hosted a wide array of artists from Paramore to Joan Jett: a story she told for the book Misfit Summer Camp: 20 Years on the Road with the Vans Warped Tour. Throughout her career, Shira has shared the stage with bands from Rancid to NOFX.

Punk Swap

It’s Not Dead’s Punk Swap features hard to find and rare specialty items for all. Unique fashions, artisan coffee, vintage vinyl as well as custom Rock ’n’ Roll artwork and photographs of some punk rock legends will be available for purchase.

Punk Swap featured Vendors

(click on name to view details)

  • Programme Skate

    Programme Skate

    PROGRAMME SKATE & SOUND opened as a brick & mortar store is in Fullerton, CA in 2011. They carry skate goods, apparel, shoes and vinyl records as well as many lifestyle products. The store stocks brands such as VANS, Emerica, Baker, GIRL, Deathwish, Spitfire, Ezekiel, REAL, Krooked, Anti Hero, Indy, Bones, DIAMOND, Bliss, Slurpcult, Honey Brand, HUF, Stussy, Undefeated, Us Versus Them, Loser Machine, Chocolate, Royal, Converse Skate, Lakai, Emerica, Plan B, Stereo, Creature, Flip, SML, Etcetera, DGK, Exp-1, Dark Seas, Primitive, Shake Junt, and much much more... They specialize in carrying punk and hardcore vinyl, but also carry hip hop, jazz, rock and other genres of music on vinyl. Programme Skate will host a special artist signing with The Adicts. The signing begins at 2pm, and will be held at the Programme Skate booth in the Punk Swap under the big circus tent. SEE YOU THERE!

  • Stories Books

    Stories Books

    Stories Books is the official book seller of It’s Not Dead and can be found under the big circus tent as the cornerstone of the Punks Well Read literary section. In real life, Stories Books and Cafe is located in Echo Park along Sunset Blvd., a stone’s throw from The Echo/Echoplex. They carry new, used and rare books, with titles in Fiction, History, LA Arcana, Art, Photography, Philosophy, and more.

  • LA Record Truck

    LA Record Truck

    The LA Record Truck returns to the Punk Swap! L.A.R.T. is a mobile record store. The inventory is 95% vintage vinyl specializing in Post-Hardcore, Punk, No Wave, Glam & Classic Rock. Also lots of Jazz, Blues & Soul & a bunch of other stuff. Inventory is meticulously inspected, researched & cataloged. it’s basically a record geeks heaven. On wheels!

  • Vintage Vinyl, Tees & Cassettes

    Vintage Vinyl, Tees & Cassettes

    Vintage Vinyl and Books returns to the Punk Swap with books and music curated by music lovers for music lovers who like cool things that are hard to find. Highly Curated, Cutting Edge Vintage Artifacts. Featuring U.K. PUNK, OI!, D-Beat, Mod, Ska, U.S. PUNK, 80’s Hardcore, Psychedelic Rock, Garage, 1960’s, GOTH, Industrial, Deathrock, Post-Punk, 4AD, Dream Pop, Shoegaze, BOWIE, IGGY, 70’s Glam Rock, Protopunk, Metal, Stoner, Hard Rock, NWOBHM, Hair Metal, 80’s New Wave, Indie Rock, 90’s Britpop, Rap, Hip Hop, 80’s Pop, R&B, Classic Rock, 90’s Grunge, Sub Pop, Blues, Country, Jazz, Freestyle, Rare Vintage & New T-Shirts, New Wave & Rock Mags, Books, Vinyl, Cassettes & CDs.

  • Gordita y Que!

    Gordita y Que!

    Handmade Accessories & Apparel for Women, Gordita y Que! Accessories, Santa Ana, CA. Est. 2007.

  • Vintage Habit

    Vintage Habit

    One of a kind fashion finds with a vintage flare for the fabulous and unique. Curated by Stephanie & Suzette.

  • Legal Speed Coffee & Supply

    Legal Speed Coffee & Supply

    Do you like Bayside and love coffee? Come visit East Coast transplants Nick and Chris for the artisan roasts of Legal Speed Coffee & Supply. Limited quantities of unique roasts will be available while supplies last in the Punk Swap.

  • Steal Music Buy Art

    Steal Music Buy Art

    Rock ’n’ Roll as an art form has been lost. SMBA serves as a reminder that great art is made when people, emotion and influence come together to make a statement and the spirit of Rock ’n’ Roll lives between the grooves in the wax and in the live performances, flyers, photographs, album artwork and hair-raising tales of life as a member of a marauding herd! Come visit Steal Music Buy Art in the Art’s Not Dead / Punk Swap. Featuring the art of Greg Jacobs, Bad “Otis” Link, Scott Parker, Tokyo Hiro and Joby Ford.

  • Rare Bird Books

    Rare Bird Books

    Rare Bird is the parent company of Rare Bird Books and Rare Bird Lit, two Los Angeles-based book industry firms founded by former Book Soup marketing and publicity director Tyson Cornell. Rare Bird Books, the publishing wing, is a PGW-distributed independent publisher of approximately fifty+ books each year in multiple formats, including print, ebook, audiobook, and limited edition. Rare Bird Books returns to It’s Not Dead Fest for a second round of punks and literature: two great things that go great together.

  • Chris Shary

    Chris Shary

    For artist Chris Shary, the Sharpie pen is his preferred method of illustration. He began as a teen designing punk tees for himself before transitioning into legitimate commission from bands like The Stupids, Hard-Ons, Libido Boys, and eventually Chemical People, Big Drill Car and ALL. In 2011, Chris’ idea for Descendents fake ugly Christmas sweater kicked off a genuine craze. His Sharpie sketches have graced the cover of records as well as the movie poster for Descendents’ FILMAGE documentary.